How to make a scale model?

How to make a scale model
How to make a scale model
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Scale models re-create an object. However, scale models try to preserve the relative length, width, and height of some parts of the model than on the original object. Requiring a scale model requires careful math, sculpture, drawing and construction skills. The model must be well designed before construction. A poorly designed scale model will not accurately represent the source object.

Scale model examples

You need it

  • Tape measure
  • Paper
  • pencils
  • Calculator, optional
  • Building material
  • Ruler
  • Knife
  • paints
  • Glue

Measure the size of each aspect of the modeled object. This can be done with tape measure or online dimensions. Describe these dimensions using a method that you can understand. For example, for a car, the total length and width of the car can be measured, as well as the hood, tires and roof.

Scale model examples

Scale model examples

Measure the size of the model. This is achieved by dividing the length by a consistent number. For example, to obtain the 1/30 model of the original size, all original measurements should be divided by 30.

Draw a plan for the model. Make sure all parts are as accurate as possible. Use the tape measure or ruler to make all measurements correct. Your plan will help you prepare for the construction of every piece of the car and understand how they will look when they are glued together.

Scale model examples

Use the knife to cut out all the pieces from the building material. Building material is anything you use comfortably. Use a tape measure or ruler to make sure each piece of the model is the right size.

Each piece is painted in a suitable color or color. Use multiple layers on each piece. Place the colors next to each other to best fit the color coating.

Align all your pieces according to your drawing. Allow the model to sit for several hours until the adhesive dries.



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