Build Large Scale Models

Build Large Scale Models
Build Large Scale Models
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We examined major steps in building better models. This time we can easily touch the filling of the model and the stickers.

The solid, clean structure clarifies the scale. From paint to stickers, the model comes to life.

As a collective expression, completion is a huge topic. So this is a general overview. Want to know more – this is just a guide you want to learn more!

It starts with an initiative

It starts with an initiative

Many modelers leave the primer to use as little toner as possible to preserve engraved details such as panel lines and openings. However, for some color combinations or modeling materials, the primary coating provides a consistent, consistent basis for the following dyes.

For example, if the model consists of plastic of different colors, photographed metal or resin, a primer layer provides a uniform foundation. For colors that typically cause coverage problems (such as white, yellow, or red), the primer reduces the number of layers required.

Another advantage of Primer is the discovery of building defects – gaps or seams – before any coating is applied.

Before and after the primer, cleaning is key to good adhesion of the paint. You can wipe the model with a detergent such as Testors Plastic-Prep or just a damp cloth. Avoid paper towels – leaves little toner on the paint surface.

Enamel or Acrylic

Enamel or Acrylic?

Not many years ago, when they were relatively new, acrylic modeling paints produced very different results. Today, acrylics are tougher and more reliable than ever. The biggest benefit is water purification – not turpentine, lacquer or mineral alcohol – and non-irritating solvent-based smoke.

Still, many modelers believe that enamels provide a tougher, more durable surface, better adhesion and greater gloss.

Most modelers can be used on both sets and each has an advantage. This is a personal preference. Whatever your choice, make sure you use plenty of ventilation and OSHA approved respirator.

Hand painting

Hand painting

If you used to build models as a child, you first painted your hands with a brush – and if you remember the models, they remind you why you switched to spraying.

Still, every model needs at least one hand wash. There’s a pair of brushes: a middle brush and a little point for tiny details. The “varied package” of different brushes is a good starting method.

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